Deco Era Cartier Sterling & 14k Cigarette Case / Wallet with Original Box


Extremely rare Cartier New York cigarette case with original box, dating to the 1930's. This case is made of sterling silver and 14k gold, weighing 183 grams. Featuring beautiful details indicative of the Art Deco era this case has both a feeling of quality and history. Hand engravings on the front and inside of the case add provenance and nostalgia to this already special piece. The case is also signed and stamped: "CARTIER STERLING AND 14K 183-57 3 G".


The condition of the case itself is spectacular with no dents, dings or damage present and the springs and hinges are tight and work perfeclty; Almost unheard of given the age. Making it even more special ist he original Cartier box which remains with the case.


Desgined originally to hold cigarettes the case can also be used to hold: cash, cards and other small items as a wallet. A true Deco Cartier piece for any keen collector. 


Measurements: 4.8 x 3.3 x 0.4"

Weight: 183 grams


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